Where Is Kim Jong-un? How Experts Track North Korea’s Leader | NYT News

Rumors are swirling about Kim Jong-un’s location and health. These North Korea experts showed us how they collect information about his secretive regime.

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  • Hi all, I am one of the reporters who worked on this video.

    With so many rumors circulating about Kim Jong-un, we didn't want to add more speculation. Instead, we wanted to explore what North Korea experts and observers are doing to keep track of developments in this secretive country.

    Direct access for independent observers such as journalists is highly restricted in North Korea. So what can be done? First, there are satellite images to track motorcades, trains, planes, or ships. This technology also allows us to look at activity at the residences of Kim Jong-un.

    Further, experts also look at state broadcasts for new visuals of Kim Jong-un, and keep an eye on unusual flight or military activities.

    None of these tools provide a magic bullet to figure out exactly what's going on in real time. As one of the experts told me, it's important to rely on multiple sources and to not jump to conclusions.

    If you are interested to see more about how we and others use new technologies and traditional reporting to conduct investigations of closed countries such as North Korea, check out these stories:

    Christoph Koettl
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • He is hiding for covid 19 but the people there learn he is a god and can't get sick so he needs to hide

    Bass Boosted
    Posted April 27, 2020

    lenny chu
    Posted April 27, 2020

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • ✋, hold on you talking about the man who are the kraken?

    Colossal Titan
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • He is staying home until there is a covid vaccine.

    Maria Gomez
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Dalam hati rakyatnya sdang berbahagia

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Hope it's a chance for them to be reunited with South Korea. Pray for the people of North Korea.

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Great channel

    Marites Quilang
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • And then there’s Kim.

    He’s dead

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • He is alive! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11483558/kim-jong-un-alive-and-well-wonsan/

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • track but didn’t find. shame on you.

    Panda 730S
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Western countries mentality is too harm for humans life we should be always ready as war

    Shery Lu
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Sorry for my bad english
    But where were you when Kim Jong Un die?
    I was at home eating doritos
    And then phone rings
    “Kim Jong Un is kil”
    “Good job, Seth Rogen”

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • I feel so sorry for all the broken souls in north korea

    Bill Li
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • I could’ve sworn he became a vegetable

    Joseph Kirschner
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Coronavirus killed him !!!!

    Saba Venus
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Dead

    Cig Bhungus
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Joe Goldberg has left the chat

    B -
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️⚰️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • https://youtu.be/Scwel32q39U

    Nasty Media
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • You sure its acually a new hospital and not a covering on the old hospital.

    Kimberly Howard
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Isn't there a patriot who could end this miserable Napoleon wannabe's days?

    Achilles Tendon
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • By the way, the birthday of NK's founder Kim Il Sung is still a highly revered festivity because Kim Il Sung is, by constitution, "Eternal President".
    Even though he has been stone dead for decades xD

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • https://youtu.be/r4IGL1rjUeY

    Best clips
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • https://youtu.be/bgQGzZgclm8 https://youtu.be/bgQGzZgclm8 https://youtu.be/bgQGzZgclm8 https://youtu.be/bgQGzZgclm8

    Caroline Siegel
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Kim Jong un Is A Cartoon

    Sumit Singh
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Stalking on another level

    Posted April 27, 2020

    Danse Macabre
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Self quarantine underground forever….

    Pukkei Lyrics
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Couldn’t his body double take over for a while until he recover? Where’s that guy from fresh out of the boat show.

    Keto Diet
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • 😊https://youtu.be/kT-NRvwiXGQ

    Аиша Калифорния
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Gulag?

    Cj Pasion
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Why you guys look for him if you want to know how ia doing just pray for him to recover quickly.

    Hanifa Al Salamy
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Guys don’t worry he’ll come back from the gulag

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • I pray to the Lord the one Lord for all that this leader is healthy and alive . Hate the once who posted negatives that shows how bad some are no matter what nationality they are . You have to think if this guy is gone a big war will start . He has changed his policies towards the USA 🇺🇸 and all the great work goes to our great president mr Donald Trump. Mr Kim from my deep heart ❤️ I wish you all the very best ready to die and donate any parts of me to you so you survive . GOD BLESS YOU I AM SURE YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT AND LIVE A LONG HEALTHY LIFE . We all love you . Sam from the USA 🇺🇸

    Sam Ib
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • He will be in heaven.

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Most dramatic picture with the most dramatic title…it’s like he went away like Eminem and we are excepting to come back and drop an album on us

    Jack Ashmore
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • “If Kim Jong-un does have health issues.”

    Sí Mon
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • We can't believed the rumor until unless the Korean reporters reported whereabout of him .

    PL Ngupani
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • His hiding from 6 african..

    ғᴀᴜʟᴛxʏ ガ畏へ
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • He got dat corona !

    Dima Lomachenko
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Don't worry Kim


    Helemmelek and Zahay
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • is the reported (guy) has flue or COVID? his voice is so annoying

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • By the vloggers comments here I think your journalism is directing the public to speculate about unknowns and is leading to a whole lot of twisted thinking and deluded gossipy speculations. What's your point in doing that to Americans?

    Posted April 27, 2020
  • Everyone wondering where Kim jung-un is at when secretly he's at the white house with Donald Trump confirming GTA 6 early

    Gregorio Villasenor
    Posted April 27, 2020
  • At least Kim is successful to make the West curious about him.

    Posted April 27, 2020

    Kim Twister
    Posted April 27, 2020

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