What is qr code and barcode qr codes and barcodes भनेको के हो how to generat qr code and bar code

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hello guys im arjun here its all about what is qr code and bar code,today im going to show you how to generate qr code how to generate barcode steep by steep,QR Code and Barcode Explained in nepali what is QR Code and Barcode
first time bar code 1948 ma bnayeko thiyo and 1994 ma QR code bnayeko ho jon barcode bhanda kahi dherai advance cha

yo video ma tapai januhuncha ki QR Code ra Bar Code ko kye matlab huncha. and QR Code ko kye benefits huncha ra QR code ko generate kasari garba saKINCHA. kasari tapai afno QR code banauna saknu huncha. QR code hamro works ko lagi dherai easy garna sakxa. like tapai afno product ma QR code lgauna saknu hunxa,yo afno visiting card ma QR code lagauna pani saknu hunxa this video you will learn to create your own QR Code for free. This video is available on Nepali Language Only by tattato gyan

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  • good one,,,,

    MD Mamun
    Posted February 14, 2020
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    srijan ranjit
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • Thank yo so much nice information

    Samar Aangbo
    Posted February 14, 2020

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