Top 10 Best Barcode Label Printers of 2019

We’ve rounded up the Top 10 Barcode Label Printers of 2018!! These are some of our favorite desktop, industrial, color, and print-and-apply solutions for printing barcodes efficiently and accurately. From Thermal Transfer, Inkjet, and even an RFID printer, we’ve got your needs covered. So stick around while one of our best technicians breaks these models down for us, and check out the information below for more details on each of these printers!

Top 10 Barcode Label Printers of 2018 article:

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1:20 – GX430T
1:36 – Cab EOS1
1:45 – Cab Mach4
1:56 – Cab Hermes +
2:26 – Cab XC6
2:44 – Epson C7500
3:10 – Epson C3500
3:31 – Zebra ZT Series
3:48 – Sato CL4NX
4:16 – Cab SQUIX

Zebra GX430T – The GX430T is the most commonly used desktop label printer in the world. It is remarkably easy to load and perfect for tight spaces.

Check out our page to learn more:

Zebra Performance Desktop Printers:

Cab EOS1 – The Cab EOS1 is compact, versatile, and has an easy to use LCD touchscreen. It has 2 USB ports which makes it great for use as a standalone workstation.

Read this article for more details:

Cab EOS Series Brochure and Product Details:

Cab Mach4 – Want to know a secret about the Cab Mach4? It uses the same processor and the same mainboard as Cab’s top of the line printer. So you get the same high print quality at a substantially lower price!!

Learn more here:

Cab Mach 4 Brochure and Product Details:

Cab Hermes +
The Cab Hermes+ is a great print and apply solution. By adding the stroke applicator peripheral you can dramatically boost efficiency in your labeling process.

Find out more here:

Cab Hermes Plus Brochure and Product Details:

Cab XC6 – The Cab XC6 is a two color thermal transfer printer, most commonly used for GHS label printing. However, any two ribbon colors can be used, and it is great for high volumes.

Epson C7500 – The Epson C7500 is a top of the line full color inkjet label printer. It is great for tread labels, product labels, or any other high volume color application. Remember, with inkjet printers it is best to print continuously, as sitting idle can lead to maintenance issues.

Flexible, fast, pristine tread labels on demand:

Epson C7500 Product Details:

Epson C3500 – The Epson C3500 is also a full color inkjet label printer, but it is better suited for lower daily volumes. Implementing print on demand flexibility into your production line can improve efficiencies and allow for seamless printing of variable data.

Learn more here:

Epson C3500 Product Details:

Zebra ZT Series – The Zebra ZT610 and Zebra ZT410 are the ideal industrial printers for round the clock label printing. The ZT610 is great for 24/7 printing and the ZT410 can easily manage multiple rolls a day.

Learn more about the ZT Series here:

Zebra Industrial Printers:

Sato CL4NX – If you’re looking for an RFID solution, check out this model from Sato. The Sato CL4NX is a thermal transfer printer that can also print in RFID. Although a few of the other printers on this list have RFID capabilities, if RFID is your main focus we recommend the CL4NX. This printer is loaded with video instructions on how to perform common maintenance tasks, so your operators can complete their work with ease.

Sato CL4NX Product Details:

Cab SQUIX – The Cab SQUIX is a highly impressive state of the art thermal transfer printer. It is half the price of the Zebra ZT610, but still gives you all of the features of an industrial printer. Like the Sato, this printer also has RFID capabilities and video instructions, and the color touch screen display on the SQUIX is by far the most intuitive.

Learn how to add an applicator to the SQUIX to print and apply labels in real time:

Cab SQUIX Brochure and Product Details:

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  • Comment below which printer was your favorite!!

    Posted February 14, 2020
  • I absolutely loved it.✳✳>Ү    I wanted one of this label writers, but I could not find an excuse to justify the price. Until I finally did. Absolutely, no regrets. I'd highly recommend it!

    Chris Bloomfield
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • which printer has an ability to print on foil type adhesive mediums and the smallest in diameter printing capability? it would be for mini nail polish and eyeshadow sample jars that are .75 to .25 of an inch.

    joshua stone
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • Hey Do you know which bare code label printer is good for small items

    Time Square
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • Recently we import chinese cellphones but don't have IMEI LABEL on the box. What printer do you recomend us for print IMEI cellphones label? We prefert 600pdi quality. Thank you! Execlent video.

    Cesar Canduelas
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • Great review John. Apparently i am looking around (and study at the same time) for a zebra competitor. Why a Zebra competitor? Because i want to compete with a company which uses zebra printers, starting from portable (those little handheld) to POS shop/market/supermarket etc printers. I am looking to find a printer which prints/ able to prints receipt (store vat receipts). What would you suggest?

    Eddie Gega
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • Awesome review. Thank you.

    Label LIVE
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • What about Quicklabel and TrojanLabel? Way nice Inkjet label printers.

    Luis Caro
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • You did not mention the zt510, is this model not as reliable as the 610 or 400?

    Scott Timothy
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • Which one has the barcode kind of raised up like a little texture

    fitzgerald semelfort
    Posted February 14, 2020
  • What are you thoughts about purchasing a Printronix for Industrial Printing?

    Jackie Gauthier
    Posted February 14, 2020

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