Avengers Hero Kids Return To Nerf Battle Thanos – Pretend Play

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Avengers Hero Kids Return To Nerf Battle Thanos – Pretend Play

The Epic Toy Channel Hero Kidz tracked down Thanos as they wore their Avengers kids costumes and hand Nerf blasters in hand. They found him in a cabin in the woods! Zoey was able to pick the lock and the five kids used their nerf blasters to get Thanos! What happened next could only be described as an epic nerf battle showdown! Johnny told Thanos that they were there to get Cassi back.. upon hearing this Thanos told him that he could have Cassi back and that he was trying to get rid of her. Thanos then explained that Cassi showed up after the Hero Kidz froze him and took his Gauntlet and despite his best efforts he couldn’t get her to leave! The kids and the super villain then began searcing for Cassi inside of the cabin. They soon realized that she wasn’t in the cabin and that they’d have to search the woods for her. It was clear that Cassi had spent too much time alone in the woods.. Johnny nick named her Cass-squach! They were able to lure her back home by promising her that they had a delicious lunch waiting for her at home. Is this the end of the Hero Kids vs Thanos? I think not.. because the kids still have the Infinity Gauntlet!!

This is the video that Thanos mentioned where the Hero Kids froze him and made him vanish.
Nerf War: Avengers Hero Kids Battle Thanos – Pretend Play

Thanos Returns To Seek Gauntlet – Avengers Nerf Fun

This is the first time we battled Thanos with our Nerf blasters
Nerf Battle: Hero Kidz vs Thanos Pretend Play For Kids


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